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Under a read more for potential triggers.

So, I’ve been seeing my therapist for a few weeks now and we’ve been working towards getting me a formal diagnosis and identifying my problems and stuff. It’s been going well. I’m excited to actually start working on getting better.

Anyway… I have a diagnosis. I don’t know how I feel about it. It seems more real now… but it’s almost like I can’t accept that it’s really MY diagnosis, and that it somehow doesn’t apply to me… Idk.

So, yeah.

I have Bulimia Nervosa - Non-purging (restricting) subtype.

I am never going to get used to typing that…

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Mine (please don’t remove source)
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Mine (please don’t remove source)

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I just realized how pro-ana that photo of me looks, what with my jaw sticking out and my neck looking the way it does. I just thought I looked elegant and pretty. Where am I supposed to draw the line? Ugh.

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It’s just lame photos of food and me complaining about everything

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